Futuristic smartphones, computers, cars, motorbikes, innovative gear and tools

Rever – 3D Printer for Kids

Automatic Beehive

Automatic Beehive

Display Changing Bracelet

Display Changing Bracelet

Pocket-Sized Washing Machine

Dolfi Pocket-Sized Washing Machine

World’s First REAL Hoverboard

Hendo Hoverboards

Zcan Wireless Scanner Mouse

Zcan Wireless Scanner Mouse

OTTO Gif Camera

OTTO Hackable GIF Camera

Anti-Radiation Laptop Sleeve

SafeSleeve EMF Radiation and Heat Protecting Laptop Sleeve

Lazareth Wazuma V8F

Lazareth Wazuma V8F Smart Plant Waterer Smart Plant Waterer

Instant Cooling Drink System

V-Tex Instant Cooling Drink System

Tango 3D Sensor Smartphone

TRITON Oxygen Respirator

Fin – Wearable Hi-Tech Gadget

Fundawear Long-Distance Lover

Mimo Smart Onesie

Smart Wireless Headphones


NeuroOn Sleep Mask

Dream-Enhancing Device

Bulletproof Men’s Suit

TellSpec Food Scanner

GameStick Video Game Console

TAG-Heuer Formula 1 Watch

iQi Mobile Wireless Charger

Novel Folding Kettle

Hirobo Electric Helicopter

Nutrima GMO Tracker

Electree Solar Bonsai Charger

Home Alternative Protein Maker

The G-Spot Mouse

Body Jet Pack

BAT Levitating Wireless Mouse

The Foldable ‘Bikoff’

Innovative Button Stapler

O.R.B. Revolutionary Digiset

O.R.B. Revolutionary Digiset
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