Instant Cooling Drink System

The Rapid Cool team which brings together partners from the UK, Slovenia, Spain and Netherlands, set out to develop a product that could quickly chill a beverage from ambient to 5 degrees Celsius or less! This technology is now trademarked V-Tex – a commercial product that represents an instant cooling drink system! This awesome invention can deliver a cold drink in 35 seconds with a 6 can buffer that reduces the waiting time to 10 seconds!

This product reduces energy consumption between 50% - 90% compared to existing commercial drinks refrigerators, which will save drinks retailers a lot of money. From now on, smaller quantities of drinks can be chilled on demand and the need for larger chillers will be reduced. You’ll never run out of cooled beverages again! V-Tex uses a barcode system and can be programmed to cool certain types of drinks. Another great feature is the unique cleansing hygiene feature, cleaning the product before cooling it. Consumer research confirmed that there’s a large market for this technology in the home and workplace. A lot of countries can benefit from this kind of game-changing, green and user-friendly technology. The Rapid Cool team is already working on further applications regarding the usage of the cooling system.

V-Tex Instant Cooling Drink System

V-Tex Instant Cooling Drink System

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