TellSpec Food Scanner

Nowadays there’s a huge diversity of foods on the market. Many of them are tasty, some are healthy, others not so much. We bet you frequently ask yourself “what exactly am I eating here?” Such questions can be answered by the TellSpec Food Scanner! This amazing hand-held device scans whatever food you place right next to its sensor. In a split second you’ll see useful info on your smartphone’s display.

The first thing you’ll notice will be the calories per 100gr of the current scanned type of food. Down the table you are provided with further vital info, so you’ll be aware of all substances and contents, such as: chemical compounds, nutrients, allergens etc.

Using the TellSpec food scanner, you get full analysis of any given food, which besides is a great way to be picky about meals, it’s also highly useful for people who suffer from allergies or have intolerance of some chemicals or nutrients.

For more info about how it works, watch the video!

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