O.R.B. Revolutionary Digiset

A revolutionary conceptual product is about to rock the world of mobile devices. Meet O.R.B. – the Revolutionary Wireless Headset. O.R.B. brings mobile communication to a wearable, wireless digiset™. Its amazing smooth design allows it to transform from a ring to a headset worn on the ear that is capable of hands-free calling, text messaging, and calendar reminders.

Wear the ring as a fashionable accessory in your everyday life and when it vibrates you’ll know somebody is calling you. To see who just glance down at your finger where a message will appear. To answer simply remove it from your finger and twist open the O.R.B. The headset should be placed over the upper ear and you can start talking. If you wish to decline incoming calls or dismiss event reminders, you can simply push the cancel button on the ring. When you’re not on the phone O.R.B. could serve also as an alarm clock. It will be produced in both men and women sizes.

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