Smart Wireless Headphones

The founder of this genius invention is Nikolaj Hviid. Initially when he told experts about his idea of designing Dashthe world’s first Smart Wireless Headphones, they responded that it was impossible to produce such a thing. But guess what, Nikolaj had brought a brilliant team together and they made it! 3 words describe the multiple functionality of this true innovation: “Listen”, “Track”, and “Communicate”.

Dash– the world’s first Smart Wireless Headphones

The Bluetooth in-ear headphones let you enjoy music like never before. They work without cables and you don’t even need to connect them to a smartphone. Besides the Bluetooth connection you can also use the built-in 4GB/1000 song music player to listen to music. Everything about the design is focused on freedom of movement, incredible sound and premium comfort. The team has projected 3 different shapes of the wireless headphones’ silicone sleeves, so everybody can choose the model that would fit them perfectly. All 3 models are included when you order the package. The Dash headphones are discrete and lightweight (13,8 grams).

The Dash is great for everything and especially sports. It tracks cadence, pace, steps and distance, while measuring the spent energy, oxygen saturation and heart rate. Real time acoustic feedback is provided.

You can choose to isolate yourself from everything that’s going on around by blocking surrounding noises or decide to use the transparent audio feature to channel ambient sounds into the headphones. You simply have to tap and swipe on the touch surface of the Dash to turn on/off noise isolation. Don’t forget that sometimes when you’re moving through the traffic of people and cars you need to keep proper safety and be able to communicate with others. Besides being earphones, the Dash can serve as a Bluetooth Headset at the same time, delivering clear voice quality through the embedded ear bone microphone. You’ll hear everything loud and clear, since the microphone itself is not sensitive to background noise. It picks up mechanical vibration coming from your voice from the ear bone.

In the so called “developer mode”, you can use the Dash with your own smartphone app. The wireless headphones provide access to audio feeds and unprocessed or processed data. You’ll have a variety of opportunities when you connect the Dash with your application.

The Dash could protect you. A sensor or sound trigger could alert emergency services, all the while transmitting your vital readings and position.

You could also communicate with a foreigner and having the conversation translated on the spot.

Imagine being able to identify infections or injuries in combination with 3rd party sensors by using sensor fusions.

These innovative headphones can also be used by firefighters and policemen to ease their communication with each other and monitor their health.

  • - Lost Device Tracking function
  • - Lightweight, shock Resistant and water resistant to 1 m
  • - iOS App or Android App controls audio, sensor and tracking settings as well as a Lost Device Tracker
  • - Smartphone sensors and GPS data provide additional functions if your phone is with you
  • - In-Ear Style, double barrier passive noise isolation
  • - Dual Mode Bluetooth 4.0
  • - Full compatibility with Apple: iPhone>= 4S, iPod Touch 5th generation and later, iPad 3rd generation and later
  • - Full compatibility with: Android: any device with Bluetooth LE hardware running under Android version 4.3 Jelly Bean (API Level 18) or later
  • - Audio compatibility with classic Bluetooth devices (A2DP profile, CSR aptX® audio codec)
  • - CSR aptX® audio codec
  • - True Wireless Audio
  • - Up to six paired devices (One at a time)
  • - Embedded music player: 4GB data storage. MP3, AAC (No DRM)
  • - Bluetooth sound overrules embedded playback

Dash– the world’s first Smart Wireless Headphones

Dash– the world’s first Smart Wireless Headphones

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