Bane Mask with Voice Changer

Be the one who managed to “break” the bat! Be the ruthless and unyielding villain Bane from Batman: “The Dark Knight Rises”! With this replica mask you will look just like him, but not only that, this product comes with a special voice changer that will make your voice resemble his!

A perfect disguise for Halloween or simply for having fun!


Dark Knight Rises Tom Hardy - Bane Mask with voice changer

The mask is an important element of Bane's costume, but there's other equipment you'd need in order to finish the authentic outfit and that's:

Bane's tactical vest

Bane military vest

Check it out [here]

Bane's coat

Dark Knight Rises Bane Coat

Check it out [here]


his military tactical pants

Bane military tactical pants

Check them out [here]

the leather wrist guard

Bane Leather Gaunlet

Check it out [here]

and Bane's boots

Bane Boots

Check them out [here]


Here's our favorite moment from the movie

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