CATEGORIES Smart Plant Waterer is a handy device which carefully waters your plants. It is constantly checking the moisture content of the soil and based on that information it decides on the best time for watering. The amount of water is determined with a special algorithm and it is adjusted to the dryness of the soil and to the size of the pot. Plants appreciate this kind of watering since they are never underwatered or overwatered.


Proper watering also prevents moss growth, root rot and damage caused by underwatering. The device is user-friendly. When we set it into the soil, it automatically starts working. Information on moisture, empty batteries or water source is indicated by a color changing LED light and by a sound signal. Demanding users can also set limits for watering, the amount of water, the time of water absorption and other parameters via a web application run on a tablet, computer or a cellphone regardless of the OS they use. We enable data transmition by putting the flower-shaped light sensor near the screen. Proper watering has a beneficial effect on growth because it allows the soil to dry slightly before it is properly watered again.

Smart Plant Waterer

Smart Plant Waterer

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