Have you ever wanted to share your computer's display, but became distraught over the number of wires necessary? With the AIRTAME HDMI Dongle that problem is eliminated. The device is simple to use - if you know how to connect to a wireless network, you shouldn’t have problems. The dongle plugs into your television or monitor and functions as a wireless access point. Simply connect and share, it's a piece of cake!

The HDMI wireless device can be plugged into any TV, projector and monitor, and is powered through the USB. AIRTAME is now ready for every computer to stream to. You can duplicate your computer screen and display the same content as your PC does. You also have the possibility to extend your desktop in order to have more workspace or duplicate the multiple AIRTAMEs at the same time. The product supports full HD and sound as well.

For instance if you want to share some travel memories with friends, you can easily use your TV to do so, just connect and diplay.

Or at a lecture, the professor can effortlessly connect to the projector and doesn’t need to worry about what cables and adapters are available. He can quickly connect the screen to the projector and share his thought in a more comfortable and visible way.

Sometimes when you’re at home and want to watch a movie from your laptop, you can easily get pissed about the smaller screen. Movies are meant to be watch on a bigger screen to leave a bigger impression on you, so what you can do is use the extended desktop functionality to throw the movie up to your TV. At the same time you can stay updated on Facebook if you don’t want to miss a thing happening on the social website.

Your laptop uses Wi-Fi and by installing the AIRTAME app, you can use the wireless connection to send images and sound to AIRTAME. If another PC has the necessary software you’ll be able to stream to it too. From your computer you start a “public stream” which is a mirror of your screen and sound. Other PC’s on your local network can connect to the stream which opens up in a new window on their PC’s. That means you and your friends can experience the same thing at once, everybody using their own laptop. Of course you can password protect both the AIRTAME and the public stream. Internet connection won’t be slowed down, because the device doesn’t interfere with the connection at all.

This opens a door to many possibilities.

For example at school or college, each student can connect to the teacher’s PC. It will open up in a new window, so they can easily switch between windows and take notes at the same time to make sure they don’t miss a thing.

Are you in a conference room or in the office, where you don’t have a projector in hand? Don’t worry about that, because the wireless HDMI Dongle can help. The presenter makes his screen public on the local Wi-Fi, so the other participants can connect and follow the presentation from their own computers.


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