Mimo Smart Onesie

Couples who have an infant will truly appreciate the usefulness of the Mimo Smart Onesie! Based on the Edison chip, this is the first wearable gadget for babies that oversees your child’s breathing then sends obtained data and audio to your smartphone. So in general, you have the possibility of wirelessly stay connected to you child. Do your home activities freely and every time your baby requires your attention you’ll be notified right away!

A few words about the Edison chip. This is a first class computer with the small size of an SD card and designed specifically to be a wearable piece of technology. Its first app is meant to combine an onesie and a monitor. The Mimo baby kimono by Rest Devices is a wraparound onesie with sensors. The green stripes across your child’s chest and stomach monitor temperature, breathing and various movements. The stripes are powered by the chip of course which is inserted in the green turtle. The turtle is chew-safe, water-resistant and has bigger sizes so it doesn’t possess any chocking threat.

Available at the Toys R Us store for $199.99

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