NeuroOn Sleep Mask

Ever wished you had the chance to sleep less but still be energetic and in good health? Sounds like quite a challenging goal, right? Few people have managed to sleep less and successfully do what they normally do. Some of them were Einstein and Leonardo da Vinci who slept only a couple of hours a day, so unless you’re them, you have to find another way to cope and that’s the NeuroOn Sleep Mask!

This unbelievable and revolutionary wearable device is the world’s first sleep mask for polyphasic sleep! Usually our slumber regime is monophasic and sometimes biphasic, which means we sleep once or twice a day for a longer period of time. That’s how one third of our life passes in sleep. It would be a whole lot better if we changed that schedule from monophasic to polyphasic. That’s how we can achieve more time awake each day - by sleeping multiple times (usually more than 2), but for shorter spells.

Thanks to this brainwave – monitoring sleeping mask, you’ll be able to break up your sleep into smaller parts. Thanks to the NeuroOn monitored polyphasic sleep, you synchronize your body clock to certain regimes whenever needed or required. The exceptional mask reads your biological signals, such as muscle tension (EMG - electromyography), eye movements (EOG - electrooculography) and brain waves (EEG - electroencephalography). This data is obtained from your sleep, converted from analogue readings to digital analysis then sent via Bluetooth to your smartphone(Android or iOS), thanks to a special app. We’ll clue you in a bit more about what happens when you sleep. You go through 2 phases: REM(Rapid Eye Movement) and NREM(Non-rapid Eye Movement), as the second follows the first. Using its intelligent analysis, NeuroON has perfect timing and wakes you up right after the last REM phase with the help of the gentle LED lights, allowing you to feel fully rested and in a great mood! But wait, there’s more! The sleep mask has an option to nail the exact start of your REM phase. Via special technology, it can also provoke lucid dreaming whenever you feel like it. So yeah, that means exactly what you think it means – you can control your dreams, how cool is that!

As we mentioned, the NeuroOn Sleep Mask is managed by a particular phone application that lets you have control over sleep cycles. And because you’re as stylish as it gets as an individual, the smart algorithms of NeuroON derive and calculate your personal sleep patterns. If you decide, the app can record your data to help you have a view over your sleep, analyze and improve it. Once you mold your own pattern your body will be able to reduce fatigue, aches and stress.

NeuroON is meant to be powered by an internal battery that can be easily recharged using micro USB charger. Once charged, it has enough power for about 10 days.

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