Realistic Halloween Costumes

When you’re entering a Halloween party, a carnival or another occasion that calls for a cos play, naturally you would want to be one of the celebration’s highlights and receive tens of compliments for your disguise. That’s why the authentic look is important in such situations, and that’s why we picked the top 5 realistic Halloween costumes specially for you, so that you can choose something that will make a difference when you blend in with the masked crowd!

Melisandre Halloween Costume

Realistic Melisandre costume

First let’s start things by giving you a little Game of Thrones touch with the Melisandre Halloween costume!

Mel is the most prominent sorceress in the whole novel. Her mysticism, dark, but awfully sexy persona, her fanatical motives, manipulation skills and magical power make her one of the most interesting GoT characters. Some see her as evil, others gave her credibility for bringing Jon Snow back to life, but in the end, you can’t deny she’s very charismatic.

Fans of the red priestess who really want to cast a spell on everybody on the Halloween party, this authentic Melisandre costume will perfectly suit you!

If you want the complete Melisandre outfit, don’t forget a red wig, and the Melisandre ruby necklace that is closely tied to her magical abilities.

Authentic Doctor Strange Costume

Doctor Strange Costume

Marvel Studios and director Scott Derrickson inspired us for the second piece of our top 5 realistic Halloween costumes. And if you feel like that too, to accurately impersonate the alter ego of neurosurgeon Stephen Strange you’ll need an authentic Doctor Strange costume!

Luckily for you, we have that covered, because we believe every Sorcerer Supreme fan should have the opportunity to have the mantle passed down to them!

This is an exact, high quality Doctor Strange costume, a copy of the one Benedict Cumberbatch uses in the new Marvel superhero movie. So if he saw you on the film set, even he might confuse who’s going to play doc Strange, him or you.

Don’t forget getting the eye of Agamotto in case you want to be the main Earth protector against magical menaces, because it’s a valuable piece of the Sorcerer Supreme’s gear.

The Ultimate Chewbacca Costume

Realistic Chewbacca Costume

To move from one great fantasy to another, we’ll continue with the ultimate Chewbacca costume! Just like the name of the product hints, this is your ultimate opportunity to come as close to a real wookie as possible! And that’s not just any wookie, it’s the good old Chewie who has stuck by our favorite rebel team since episode IV “A New Hope”.

With this supreme Chewbacca costume, you can turn into the only galactic hero who roars when he wants to say something. As a skillful co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon, you can even show up to the party by landing the spaceship right on the street!

Assassin’s Creed Connor Men’s Costume

Realistic Assassin’s Creed Connor Costume

Switching from a wookie to a member of an ancient assassin order that aims peace through free will with the Assassin’s Creed Connor men’s costume! What better way to honor one American holiday than dressing in the attire of the famous assassin patriot who fought to protect the Haudenosaunee confederacy during the American Revolution War.

Yep, with this official, full Assassin’s Creed costume, you get to be the brave Connor Kenway who was even friends with commander George Washington, the first US president and one of the most respected American presidents of all time! Of course, this is all happening in a fictional history of real world events, but who cares, right?

The thing is, you get a premium costume of your favorite assassin order member, and you get to be a star on Halloween. Just watch out for Templars!

Women’s Stormtrooper Costume

Star Wars women’s Stormtrooper costume

We’ll finish this awesome Halloween costume list just like we started – with a cool disguise idea for the ladies, thanks to the women’s Stormtrooper costume! This is by far the most sexy Stormtrooper costume online or at the mall. It can make you see the beautiful side of imperial Stormtroopers, something you thought wasn’t possible.

Female Star Wars geeks finally have the opportunity to blast the mind of any man, and they don’t even need a laser blaster to do so!

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