Doctor Strange Costume

Straight out of the Marvel comics, you’re going to receive the mantle of the Sorcerer Supreme to guard the Earth realm of magical dangers, and all you need to do is get this Doctor Strange costume and the eye of Agamotto to enhance your supernatural abilities even further, because on Halloween you’re going to need them! With the new Doctor Strange movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Stephen Strange himself, this Marvel superhero finally gets ...

... the spotlight he deserves and we just like many other fans are happy about it! With the Dr. Strange suit you’re going to bring a whole new level of mysticism to Halloween parties, superhero games and carnivals. Don’t know if you are a neurosurgeon like doc Strange, but we’re pretty sure you’re going to be surgical with casting spells when you have to!

The authentic Doctor Strange costume features: blue robe, the sorcerer’s magical red cape, long sleeved shirt, arm straps, belt and everything else you can notice on the photos!

Tailored by the Xcostume company, this indeed is the most premium Dr. Strange costume under the sun we’ve ever seen, its details and authenticity are simply remarkable. It’s made from cotton and corduroy, perfectly blended, plus to make sure you get the most satisfying final look and feel as comfortable as possible, the manufacturer has gone an extra mile to offer tailoring according to custom measurements provided in advance. There aren’t many other professional costume-making brands that would do that for you. And when you think about it, dressing up EXACTLY as the Master of the Mystic Arts is no small task, so it requires more efforts.

If you’re a big time fan of the Stephen Strange and have truly wished upon a star to become the Sorcerer Supreme and protector of Earth against dark magical power, this is as close as you will get and you don’t even have to be a skilled physician, surgeon, or a genius who has access to mystical artefacts. You only need the ULTIMATE Dr. Strange costume!

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