Batman Armored Suit

Things are about to get real heavy with this marvelous Batman armored suit! This right here is for someone who’s looking to become a straight Halloween or cosplay legend! Should you happen to order such an authentic batman costume, you can be sure that you will probably win every prize for best costume of Halloween and perhaps even for a few more years in a row. This is not just another Dark Knight outfit that looks like the dozens of models ...

... you’ve seen through the years, it’s the BvS batman costume that Bruce wears during his encounter with Superman, specially made to withstand heavy damage and cause heavy damage to his opponent. This is really an interesting part of Batman’s biography that fans got to see on the big screen and personally, we think it was awesome!

This is not some cheap batman costume you can buy from anywhere, it’s a true master piece that looks inspiring, and an opportunity for a fan of the caped crusader to get as close to a real Batman suite as they possibly can. If you’re that guy, don’t miss the chance to acquire such unique gear, every dollar is worth it.

The supreme edition of DC Comics Batman jumpsuit is composed of: a helmet, molded body armor, belt, molded boot tops, molded gauntlets, gloves and bandolier.

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