Wimoto Smart Sensor

The Wimoto Smart Sensor is a compact device that connects wireless via Bluetooth to your iPad, iPhone, Android, Linux or Raspberry Pi devices. Its purpose is to measure environmentals like surrounding temperature, light, humidity level, soil moisture, soil temperature, object temperature, human movement and presence! Wimoto lasts up to 3 years with a single battery!

Let’s introduce you to the Wimoto Family! These wireless helpers serve you as the best means to monitor your family, home and precious possessions!

  • - The Wimoto Climate/Climote: It’s used both indoors and outdoors and measures ambient temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius, relative humidity and light level. You can also use it to supervise your wine cellar, your kid’s bedroom or make your own weather station
  • - The Wimoto Grow/Growmote: It takes care of you plants and lawn. It informs you of when exactly your plants need to be irrigated. The device also measures if your plants receive enough light and warns you of potential frosts.
  • - The Wimoto Thermo/Thermote: You can use it as a non-contact thermometer that you can read from distance! Using infrared light, it measures the temperature of water or other objects that emit radiant energy. A nice way to keep an eye on your swimming pool or bath tub.
  • - The Wimoto Sentry/Securymote: The perfect personal security device! It features a motion sensor, so it alerts you when there are people around. The Securymote has also been supplied with an accelerometer, which lets you know if the device itself or the thing that’s been attached to is moved. For example you can attach it to your garage door to immediately be aware of any opening.
  • - The Wimoto Water: Lets you know if there’s any water and what’s its current level. You can find it useful for example when you want to monitor flood conditions in your basement or to know when to top up your pond or pool.

A special App is used to operate with the whole variety of Wimotos! It displays a “sparkline” graphic on your iPhone or iPad showing all the trends, and for more circumstantial graphing you can upload your data to the cloud service.

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