Realistic Halloween Masks

Realism is something you always look for when you’re choosing a mask for All Hallows’ Eve, carnivals, masquerades, superhero plays etc. You’d naturally want to have a more impressive disguise than the other participants and that’s when we come in. The following realistic Halloween masks are the proof that we have your back in your masking endeavor.

#1. Bane Mask With Voice Changer

Dark Knight Rises Tom Hardy - Bane Mask with voice changer

We just can’t help but start with our favorite one and that’s the Bane mask with voice changer! We have our favorite DC superheroes, but we also have our favorite villains, and Bane has always taken the cake in that aspect. He is intelligent, well-educated, has strong leadership qualities, as well as uncompromising will and ruthless physical strength.

We still remember when Chris Nolan’s "The Dark Knight Rises" movie came out. We were excited to see Bane’s portrayal, and we weren’t disappointed, not even one bit! Bane’s costume, his cold-hearted calculative actions, brutal strength, military and fighting skills were right on point and made his appearance fearful and respected.

Speaking of his costume, you can’t of course miss the mask, it’s perhaps the most notable piece. In the movie storyline (a bit different than the comics) he uses the audio-muffling mask to pump analgesic gas into his body to suppress a constant pane, a result of a physical trauma that had happened long ago in the prison he used to live in.

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#2. Freddy Krueger Overhead Mask

Realistic Freddy Krueger Overhead Mask

Let’s make things more horrific with the Freddy Krueger overhead mask! The main antagonist of the iconic, supernatural slasher movies “A Nightmare On Elm Street” is surely one of the most disgusting and sadistic horror characters ever created. He acts nasty and looks nasty. When he was alive, he was a serial killer, and the parents who had lost their children to him, burnt him alive, hence the gruesome skin incineration he has.

Adding those repugnant teeth, the razor-armed glove he uses to kill his victims, and the fedora hat, we’d say he’s not a fellow you’d like to meet, not in reality, and definitely not in your dreams, where his power is closely to unlimited.

This Freddy Krueger mask is definitely what you need when looking to transmute into one of horror movies’ most feared characters. Fans can even get the awesome Freddy chest of souls sweater. We guarantee it’s a clothing that you’d wear with enthusiasm during the whole Halloween holiday.

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#3. Realistic Poodle Mask

Realistic Poodle Mask

Before we continue with the frightful stuff, we thought making things a little softer for those who don’t actually aim to scare the crap out of someone, but make them laugh. That’s why we put this realistic poodle mask in the list. We guarantee you’ll be the cutest dog in the neighborhood, monsters will even have their hearts warmed by your ridiculously sweet appearance.

Made in impressive detail, the poodle head mask is clearly high quality, and does the trick perfectly when you want to be a sniffing doggie for the Halloween night.

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#4. Jigsaw Puppet Mask

SAW movie Jigsaw Puppet Mask

We’re right back on track with the dreadful items and again we go back to classics with the Jigsaw puppet mask! If there was a traditional Halloween mask that never seems to go out of fashion, it’s this one. That’s because when a mazy horror-movie idea like this gets filmed in 7 sequels still intrigues the audience with creative scenario and gives them the jitters with obnoxious, bloody scenes, you can’t just forget about it like that.

This is Billy the Puppet mask that was used by John Kramer (known as Jigsaw) to communicate with his victims that he refers to as test subjects. It is believed that Jigsaw had invented Billy as a toy for his unborn child that never had the chance to be born. Kramer’s anger and despair may have been a reason as to why he decided to make the puppet a vehicle of his instructions to his victims in the traps.

So when you put on the jigsaw puppet mask, there’s no denying everyone will recognize the character you’re representing. You could ask them if they want to play a game, but we’re pretty sure they’ll pass the offer.

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#5. Jason Voorhees Mask

Jason Voorhees Mask

What, you think we’ll include Freddy in the list, but we’ll neglect Jason? Not a chance! Wearing this Jason Voorhees mask is yet another classical approach to Halloween. It has become a symbol of horror because of the famous “Friday the 13th” horror franchise that consists of 12 slasher films, plus you have to admit, it does give a person an intimidating appearance.

The Jason hockey mask is… well, a hockey mask, and it’s strange how some sport gear can make you look terrifying like that, right? But it does, and that’s the beauty of it.

Becoming Jason for Halloween never gets old, nor lame, it will always have the effect you’re seeking.

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