Green Lantern Power Ring

Considered by some to be one of the Universe’s most powerful weapons, the Green Lantern power ring is an essential part of every G.L gear. The ring is the instrument which a Lantern uses to bring their mind images to reality.

Depending on the skills and will of the bearer, the green power ring can do almost anything, which means this piece of jewelry grants immense force.

All of the Lantern Corps rings are charged by the Green Flame of Life, but don’t worry, yours will have quite enough juice, and you won’t need a lantern to refill it.

This is the coolest Green Lantern ring for sale, whether you’re looking in a toy store in the mall or other online shops, it looks more legit than any other Green Lantern replica ring, especially those plastic ones, because it is nicely made of shiny alloy.

All you need to complete your cos play character is the best Green Lantern costume ever, which is also something we found specially for you!

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