Openable Men’s Ring

Even though jewelry stores are offering quite a huge diversity of men's rings, many guys still feel they want a more unique and interesting, yet stylish bijouterie. We recently found out about this one of a kind TG-4 Titanium Openable Men's Ring, exclusively made by McWhinney Designs to be an active ring for active men! It has hardened 17-4  stainless steel fasteners that can be separated in order for the ring to be “opened”.


When closed, the ring doesn’t even look like having fasteners, as it maintains perfect shape and straight-up machine finish appearance. In contrast to many jewelry shops, McWhinney Designs offers explicit warranty. The ring’s mechanisms are engineered to be durable and to last for many years, given their small sizes. However, they could break on rare occasions if you subject them to awkward, unnatural stresses like excessive squeezing or twisting. Still, if there was some sort of damage, your ring/s will be repaired or even replaced with new ones if necessary. YOUR happiness comes first, therefore, if you were somehow unsatisfied with your purchase, the owner and designer of McWhinney Designs - Jeff McWhinney, will do everything in his power to amend that. He will on a case-by-case basis offer credit or even a full refund.

TG-4-Titanium Openable Men's Ring

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