Green Lantern Costume

You’re not Hal Jordan, John Stewart, nor Alan Scott (the first to bear the name G.L) but with this incredible Green Lantern costume and your readiness to fight crime on and outside Earth, you might as well be the next promising recruitment in the interstellar law enforcement agency called the Green Lantern Corps!

G.L is one of the most popular DC superheroes ever created and is one of the original 7 founding members of the Justice League.

The Green Lantern suit will help you seize the mantle of this famous hero, and you don’t even need to ask the Guardians of the Universe (the Green Lantern Corps creators) if they were ok with it, because they have already chosen you!

Now use your creative imagination and strong will to materialize your thoughts. Besides the costume, all you need to do that is the Green Lantern ring which is the tool every G.L uses to channel their power, and perhaps one of the most powerful weapons in the Universe.

Green Lantern Costume

Perfect for Halloween parties, DC Universe and Justice League cos plays, this authentic Green Lantern costume is not something to easily ignore when you want an awesome appearance and the status of a Green Lantern galaxy guardian.

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