Medieval Chainmail Necktie

Have you ever heard of a formally dressed knight? Well, you have now and you can be one too with this Medieval Chainmail Necktie! We don’t know if this awesome tie has been forged by elves or dwarves, but the fact is you get to be the one to wear it! The handmade aluminum chainmail necktie will let your colleagues and business associates know that you’re a serious guy. A great choice for a geek present in your gift idea book!

From now on everybody will carefully hear you out when you speak up your mind about a business matter and you’ll be one of the most respected “knight” members of the round table in the office. Put on the suit and your shiny tie!

Medieval Chainmail Necktie

  • - Weights 4 oz
  • - 10 mm ring diameter
  • - Adjustable clasp in the back will fit your neck up to 23" around
  • - Dimensions: 19" from top of knot to tip of tie, each "strap" is 9 1/2" long
  • - Fits necks up to 23" around
  • - Material: anodized aluminum

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