The Flask Tie for Dudes

If you’re a man, then trust us when we tell you that you’re going to love the Flask Tie! You’ll receive a lot of compliments about this stylish tie, but the better part is that nobody would even suspect what it hides! The geeky tie indeed has a secret, because it can serve you as a container of any kind of beverage!

The flask tie will be that saver to urgently help you slake the thirst, while on the go. Whether you’re hurrying for an important meeting, school or work, you can always stay hydrated and preserve your focus and confidence. The tie comes with TieBladder holding around 6 ounces of a drink you’ve poured inside. It could be from water, juice and cola to booze, whatever it is, we won’t reproach, because your drink is your business!

Another cool and advantageous thing is the fact that you can drink from the flask tie hands-free thanks to the TieBite Valve mouthpiece, located at the end of the back slip. This means you just only need to bite in order to have quick sips whenever you want to. And don’t worry about messing your formal wear with drop stains, because this super tie self-seals after each drink.

What better work tie than the one that holds your favorite sneaky drink!

The Flask Tie for Dudes

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