Giant Plush Microbe Toys

Looking for a perky gift to a geeky friend? Well, these super geeky Giant Plush Microbe Toys are nothing like the ones you can see in stores and that’s a promise! Every single of these hilarious germs is a million times bigger than usual size, so here’s your chance to learn how they look like! They even have eyes and funny expressions! Unlike real microbes, these are actually cool!

Right above - the Giant Plush Toy Salmonella and right below - the geeky Escherichia coli.

Giant Plush Toy Escherichia coli

A naaasty one - the Chlamydia Plush Toy

Giant Plush Toy Chlamydia

The fatty Fat Cell Plush Toy

Giant Plush Toy Fat Cell

And the cutest one - the Herpes Giant Plush toy

Giant Plush Toy Herpes

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