GOT Ghost Pup Plush Toy

Are you a Game of Thrones fans down to the bone? We don’t blame you, because we are too! There’s so much you can love about this HBO TV series, especially house Stark’s emblematic direwolves! In case your favorite wolf is John Snow’s loyal white companion, make yourself an adorable gift with this Game of Thrones Ghost pup plush toy! This official GoT merchandise gives you the chance to make your friends a little jealous of your ...

... new acquisition, because the 9 inch Ghost plush toy is as cute as it can get, and not liking it is just unbecoming! Just like john and the rest of his brothers, you can now adopt a direwolf and keep them as your favorite talisman. So get a bag of potato chips, your Game of Thrones plush Ghost and prepare for a movie night, the new season is coming!

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