Phantom Blade Gauntlet

The story of Assassin’s Creed saga continues with the 7th major installment of the engrossing historical action-adventure video game - Unity, and so does the production of distinctive, high quality assassin equipment replicas that die-hard fans have the chance to own and even use, like this Assassin’s Creed Unity Arno Dorian Phantom Blade Gauntlet! It represents some awesome gear that is new and unseen in the other prequels, and it’s one of the character’s

main weapons that he relies on to defeat his enemies. The life-size phantom blade replica has a unique design that combines multiple features like retractable crossbow arms, firing soft dart and of course every assassin’s bosom friend – the hidden blade. Don’t worry about size, it would fit anybody, because the gauntlet has adjustable straps. The fact that this product is replicated from an intricately sculpted and hand-crafted design by the award-winning company McFarlane Toys, should alone convince you in its top quality. Made from thermoplastics and PVC, this gear is precisely tested for actual use with safety and reliability in mind, as it’s even rated 17+. The intricately sculpted plastic blade and crossbow attach to the bottom of the forearm, while the adjustable straps and highly detailed simulated-leather gauntlet attach to the top of the forearm with a strap and a buckle. So if you want to complete the perfect assassin look and stay in touch with the latest part of the franchise, you’d definitely need this thing!

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