The Dark Knight Joker Costume

You won’t find a better Joker Costume to finish your Halloween outfit! Unlike other imitations out there, this is a real costume, professionally and custom-made by the Sinocosplay store! Fabricated from cotton and wool, this unique product includes a Hexagon Shirt, vest, pinstripe pants, grey blazer, tie and a trench coat. And just like Joker says in the Dark Knight movie: “Oh, and by the way, the suit? It wasn't cheap. You oughtta know, you bought it!”.

This Joker’s full outfit is a true masterpiece, but that’s just how it should be, when you want to embody the iconic villain character played by the late Health Ledger who got so deep into it, that he did a phenomenal, memorable, Oscar-winning job, that unfortunately ultimately cost him his life.

Remember, Heath was so outstanding, that he wasn’t playing the Joker, he was the Joker. So if you want to resemble him to the slightest detail, the professional Dark Knight Joker costume is a must (and it wouldn’t hurt having some great acting abilities as well, just please, for the sake of other people’s safety, don’t dwell too much into the role, hehe).

Having the insane and sadistic clown’s clothing is one part you need to cover, but you’ll also need a good artist to paint your face exactly the way Ledger painted his in the movie (yes, word was he chose the paint and painted himself for the scenes!) and if you have middle-long hair, you’ll have all pivotal points covered. In the end, when Halloween comes, the neighborhood streets will sort of become Gotham’s Arkham Asylum, filled with all sorts of freaks, a place where you’ll know you are the most dashing and noticeable one, the king of crime - the Joker!

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