Ultimate Paintball Machine Gun

Paintballing just got a bit more extreme and a lot more advanced thanks to the Breda M37 - the Ultimate Paintball Machine Gun! This isn't an ordinary paintball gun because every buyer gets the luxury to have it custom made! The rifle itself weighs over 30 pounds. It features an electronic triggering system allowing you to fire semi-automatic triple shot bursts or turn on a full automatic mode. With this baby you’ll feel like you’re in a real battle!

It also comes with the Q-Loader automatic paintball feed system, 2 Q pods and a pod loader hopper. Another cool thing is that the machine firearm is made using a brand new Airgun Designs Automatic ET Pro paintgun, which has an x-valve level 10 anti-chop bolt and a feather light trigger pull kit.

Breda M37 - the Ultimate Paintball Machine Gun

If you want to be a true terminator on the battlefield, you should also consider getting the Alias MKX Paintball Bazooka.

Alias MKX Paintball Bazooka

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