Bane Wrist Guard

Some movies are meant to be classics, and some characters are meant to be iconic, both heroes and anti-heroes. It’s been many years since the Dark Knight Rises came out, but fans still can’t wait for Halloween to suit up like the one who has broken the Bat! If you want your appearance to be legit, you’d need all the gear of the magnetic super-villain. That’ means besides the distinctive mask, coat, military pants, vest and boots, you’d also need the Bane wrist guard ...

... which we went out of our way to find for you, just in case you’re getting ready to suit up like him and declare martial law on the Halloween party!

Handstitched from 100% leather, the Bane wrist gauntlet is definitely an important part of the villain’s battle outfit.

Bane Leather Gaunlet

Check out Bane's entire costume.

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