Zyliss Quick Slice Tomato Slicer

In case you don’t like wasting time with cutting tomatoes and have a hard time cutting them with precision in even pieces, there is deliverance from this mess and it’s called the Zyliss Quick Slice Tomato Slicer! This kitchen tool has 8 razor sharp serrated stainless steel blades that are angled and ensure optimum slicing performance.

Zyliss Quick Slice Tomato Slicer

Not only is each blade serrated, it also has longer spikes to pierce the skin before the serrations easily slide through the soft skinned tomato. To operate with the tomato slicer, all you need to do is place the tomato on the base and set the blades above it. Then grab the soft touch handles and push down on the tomato. You’ll see how easy it is for the blades to go through the skin and slice the vegetable. The top section is perfectly matched and aligned with the base to lead the blades all the way from the one end of the tomato to the other. The product is supplied with non-slip feet for more stabilization during work. The kitchen accessory comes with a dish so there won’t be any mess around, as the dish catches excess juice and seeds. For effortless cleaning, just place it in the dishwasher.

Use the Zyliss tomato slicer to slice tomatoes into perfect slices, ready to be used for salads, pizzas and other dainties!

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