Zombie Tabletop Lamp

So you want a unique Halloween item this year that isn’t platitudinous and will match perfectly with the spooky atmosphere? Well, in that case the zombie tabletop lamp.

Named “the Dead of Night”, this incredible, masterfully hand-sculpted zombie lamp is designed by the award-winning illustrator, FX artist and sculptor J. Anthony Kosar.

The fully dimensional base is projected with eminent precision and is hand-painted to the most bizarre detail. Stare for a while at these ghastly zombies rising from their resting place, their obnoxious, frenzied expressions are sure to give you goosebumps for the whole evening.

The hand-sculpted zombie lamp also has an intriguing, creatively-designed column that is shaped exactly like a twisted tree, covered with a fabric lampshade that featured a full moon and the silhouette of the tree branches that perfectly adds to the overall sinister look.

This is perhaps the most original Halloween tabletop lamp that we’ve ever seen, it has all it takes to become the biggest hit at your house when ominous creatures rise at All Hallows Eve.

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