Dual Screen Smartphone

Nowadays we are witnessing how all the smartphone producers are being involved in a crazy race to offer more and more sophisticated units, packed with tons of useful applications and featuring amazing high-tech specs and opportunities. Phones have grown to be now smartphones, phablets, mini-computers. TV-s are not just TV-s anymore, but smart interactive units. One would wonder – ‘What’s next?’

Well, here’s something truly smart, offered in a YotaPhone! This gadget is a smartphone, yes, but in it the developers have managed to introduce a unique and highly innovative solution for all those for whom one display is just never enough.

The Russian company Yota Devices, based in Moscow, has introduced a smartphone running the latest Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) OS, that has not one but two displays! On the front the device has a "usual" full-colour high resolution 4.3-inches LCD touchscreen. The surprise comes when you look at the back of the unit, because the back cover of the YotaPhone actually fits a second, E-Ink screen in black-and-white. This new feature involves the E-Ink technology, and allows the user to see weather data, stock information, and RSS feeds. Moreover, YotaPhone offers the ability to shift information from the front main colour screen to the back black-and-white screen. And the transferred information will remain on, even when no more displayed on the front screen. All that while the phone is in a non-active, energy-saving mode, and with the unit’s battery being in use only when the image on the back screen changes.

And that’s not all! Tweets and Facebook posts are displayed on the E-Ink screen, too. On top of it all, the developers have also introduced yet another smart way to stay in close contact with friends and family, even in places and occasions where you’re not allowed to use an electronic device. It’s a special system allowing the use of secret symbols to hide the actual message or the person sending it.

And even that’s not all of it! The E-Ink screen may not be suitable for watching videos, but it can be used as a reading pane, to conveniently read the daily e-newspaper or a favorite e-book. This feature makes the YotaPhone a hybrid between a smartphone and an e-reader.

With all these amazing features YotaPhone is kept amazingly thin. At the bottom end, the handset is only 0.4 inches thick and tapers towards the top into 0.3 inches. The entire device thus enjoys an exquisitely slim and elegant, slightly curved design. Since the E-Ink screen uses Corning Gorilla Glass matching this unique design, users may at all times, and are in fact encouraged to, place their phone with the E-Ink screen up. In this way, all real-life communications are at any moment available right in sight.

The YotaPhone is now passing through thorough tests, approvals and certifications by the international authorities involved, awaiting its official introduction in the very first months of the coming year 2013 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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