Advanced Weather Station

What’s the most optimal, accurate, functional and most affordable weather system there is? The Ambient Weather Wireless Advanced Weather Station of course! With a stylish and thin design this useful device can be wall mounted or placed on a desk. It comprises of 2 main parts – the easy to read LCD console panel that shows all the possible info on a large display, and a wireless sensor that can be easily installed just about anywhere up to 300 ft line of sight.

This means you can mount it in every room or other premises like in the garage, the greenhouse, the basement etc. The sensor transmits the obtained data directly to the panel, so on the screen you can see info on: outdoor and indoor temperature, humidity, outdoor dew point, measured and sea-level barometric pressure and a weather forecast. In addition the weather station has been designed with an atomic clock which is automatically set via radio and synchronized with the U.S. atomic clock for best accuracy. The clock is supplied with an alarm and a temporary back light which illuminates the screen in complete darkness.

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