Waterproof Wireless Speaker

Bathing/showering has always been much more enjoyable and fun when you have a chance to listen to your favorite songs while doing it. With a Waterproof Wireless Shower Speaker you don’t need to worry about the water damaging your audio device or about the device itself standing in the way with its size or long cables. This bath audio speaker is compatible with most smartphones and bluetooth media players.

The Abco Tech product works excellent even with the latest iPhone (including iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C) and the most advanced Android smartphones. You can also use every possible app like Pandora, Music Hub and Google Music. To expand the shower speaker’s functionality, developers provided it with an auto pairing feature that allows users to automatically pair their device with the Hipe speaker when it’s in closer range. The gadget’s improved battery allows for 15 hours of running time. There are control buttons to control the music and even answering phone calls while in the shower or in the bath tub!

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