Warm Breathing Mask

For the mountaineers and Antarctic explorers among you, this warm breathing mask is a must for breathing comfortably and steadily! Allowing the wearers to take full unhindered breaths, this mask traps some of the warm humid exhalation of the wearer, creating its own little microclimate. This allows the air you breath to be at temperatures between 40 F to 60 F and with a humidity of up to 80%.

It’s proven that such microclimate is healthier for the lungs, whilst inordinate exposure to cold and dry air can cause asthmatic symptoms. That’s why a more humid and warmer air is better for your well-being. The Sub-Zero breathing mask’s chamber embodies micro-resistant, micro-grade polyurethane that connects to the humidity in the air, thus preventing goggles from fogging up and keeping your face free of moisture. The mask fits comfortably over helmets and goggles and is wind resistant thanks to the Polartec fleece.

If you’re also a fan of Mortal Kombat, you could apply the mask to your Sub-Zero attire and start an epic costume fight with your rivals!

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