UltimEyes App

We’ve all heard our parents warning as kids: “Don’t sit too close to that screen”.  But what if we told you that there’s a smartphone/tablet application showing that the same screen could normalize your eye vision and even improve it! The mastermind behind this whole project called UltimEyes – the Eyesight Improving App is the psychology professor Aaron Seitz. It’s a straight training game designed to sharpen your sight.

The app simply works by spotting and tapping the barely noticeable marks on the screen. UltimEyes is more about using brain power than the eyes. It has little to do with improving eye muscles and the physical condition of your eye. The sight amending application uses the concept called neuroplasticity. It basically exploits recent insights into how and when the brain can be radically rewired.

The app’s effectiveness has been tested by 19 UCR baseball players. For 25-minute intervals each player used UltimEyes 30 times. The outcome was an increase of their eyesight averagely by 31%, as the result was published in the Current Biology journal. 7 of all 19 athletes reached 20/7.5 vision, meaning they could see at 20 feet what other people with normal vision could see could from 7.5 feet.

The 11 players who competed in the Big West Conference for the 2012 and the 2013 season decreased their strikeouts by 4.4 percent compared to other participants. The baseball players also shared that they could see the ball better, improved their peripheral vision and their eyes didn’t tire as much as before.

UltimEyes is available in the Apple App Store.

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