Totoro Big Bed for Kids

Children need to go to bed earlier in the evening to get a better sleep, but many of them don’t like this idea too much. However, with the Totoro Big Bed For Kids, there will hardly be a child to refuse to get to bed, because they'll simply love it from first sight! Designed to resemble one of the best characters from the “My Neighbor Totoro” animated fantasy, this bed is as equally cute as comfortable!

The cuddly cushion bed is filled with high quality 100% PP cotton and is also 100% “green”. The fact that the Totoro bed is for kids shouldn’t mislead you about the size, because its dimensions are 2.3m x 1.75m, which means it can even hold up to 2 adults at a time, so a kid will have plenty of space to roll around! Includes a detachable tail which can serve as a cozy headrest.

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