Thermodynamic Phone Charger

Camping is a great experience, until your smartphone or GPS device runs out of power of course… However, the Thermodynamic Smartphone Charger will be a reliable companion to help you avoid such nasty situations. By simply boiling a pot of water you can charge your electronic devices through the laws of thermoelectricity. The device includes a set of adapters for most electronics and a rechargeable battery pack for those times when heat is not available.

As heat passes to the cold interior of the pot, the special plate featured in it collects the energy that produces a current which serves for charging portable USB devices such as cameras, smartphones, headlamps, mp3 players and more. A conducted experiment showed that 4 hours of heat is enough to recharge a mobile phone’s battery at 100%. There’s also a 4-oz camp stove included to the pot which is ignited through electricity.

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