The Tranquility Pod

Escape to a world of pure relaxation with the Tranquility Pod! Your mind will instantly be put at ease when you enter the capsule that blocks roughly 90% of outside noise. Through sound, vibration and lights you will feel an innate sense of calm. Play your most relaxing music through the integrated 80-watt, four-speaker sound system which can be connected to your smartphone. The device features a memory foam cushion over a waterbed that is kept comfortable via temperature control.

The sound system’s subwoofer produces smooth vibration through the entire bed, reverberating on your body to impart tranquil nirvana and peace. The pod’s biofeedback system uses a pulse sensor which synchronizes the heart rate with 50 LEDs installed inside the pod itself that creates a surrounding mood light for easing your mind. You can even change the LEDs’ color manually from the built in controller or use the special smartphone app to do it from a mobile device. The Tranquility pod’s entrance is with an elliptical form and measures 76"-diam. The temperature of the waterbed can be regulated from a panel.

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