The Ice-Phone

Some 20 years ago technologies weren’t that advanced as today and phones are one proof for that. But it doesn’t necessarily mean old school phones were less cooler right? Let’s face it, the feeling of picking up the cabled receiver and sticking your finger into the holes so you can rotate and dial a number has no equal! Yes, mobiles are great, they are portable, smaller and allow us to make calls freely no matter where we are, but they still don't provide that great feeling of a handheld phone.

Well now there’s a means that can blend the best from both generations and turn your smartphone into a retro handheld phone and it’s called the Ice-Phone! It mixes the great features you get from a mobile device and a handled phone. After downloading the app from Google Play or the iTunes Store, plug this awesome modifying device into your smartphone and you’ll have the option to choose between having a mobile or handheld home phone for your thorough chitchats with friends. You can also use the Ice-Phone as a dock for your smartphone, charging it with your existing charger. Connect it to your computer to use with Skype.

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