The Coin

How does it sound to have all your cards in one coin? We mean every type of card your wallet is filled with – credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, voucher cards, loyalty and membership cards etc. Check out the Coin - a slim card that looks like any regular payment one and all the cards we’ve mentioned are inside it! Swipe the Coin exactly like any other card and use the function of any of your cards anytime!

You may wonder how can the Coin accommodate all your cards? It’s done thanks to a special smartphone extension and an app. Once you’ve connected the extension to your phone, and you’ve activated the app, swipe any card across the extension itself, take a picture so you can know which one it is when needed and you’re done! If the current situation requires another card, simply tap the small button on the Coin to select the necessary type of card and that’s it!

Talking about security? Let’s say you pay for something using the Coin and leave it behind in a moment of absent-mindedness. An auto-lock feature will disable the Coin button based on proximity and you'll get an instant phone notification! Add as many cards as you like!

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