The Bed Fan

Tired of the summer heats, even at night, while you’re trying to fall asleep in your bed? The Bed Fan will solve your problem, by delivering a quiet cool breeze between the sheets, without disturbing you and without burdening you with additional air conditioning costs! This useful device is easy to install on the foot of the bed. Once it’s mounted you can regulate the fan speed and temperature from a small remote control!

If you have issues with high body temperature at night and you can’t sleep well, you will most likely appeal to this Bed Fan Cooling System, because it will provide you the necessary comfort, coolness and will help your body get the rest it needs! With this device you will cope with night sweating, have a healthy sleep and enjoy a rejuvenating day. A considerable advantage is that this fan system saves you energy costs, because it is powered by long lasting batteries. Once mounted on the leg of the bed, you won’t even notice it’s there, because the fan is working noiseless. Appropriate for individuals who sleep warm or experience hot flashes, and for couples with different temperature preferences. The Bed Fan Cooling System generates a gentle breeze that starts at your feet, moves between the sheets, thus removing the stuffy air trapped there and then exits out past your shoulders.

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