SOS Parachute

Most parachutes require about 200 feet to open, but not this SOS Parachute! It’s developed to fully open in barely 100 feet which equals 1.5 seconds of time! The father of this new invention is Morris Shahbazi and he was crazy enough in the head to successfully test it himself!

SOS Parachute SOS Parachute

Since 9/11, Shahbazi and his team of engineers have been working for more than 12 years to complete the prototype for the SOS Parachute which is meant to be a high-rise building escape system! This means that if you ever got in a building with 11 floors or more, and you’re looking for an emergency exit in case of life-threatening circumstances, you’ll be perfectly equipped with this particular parachute to escape from any window! No matter how low chances are for a fire, earthquake or an attack, it’s good to be prepared for anything! You can even disappear from the office in only a minute while your boss is on his way to fire you! Just kidding, let’s hope that doesn’t happen!

The SOS Parachute is available for buying and everybody who orders it, also receives training so he can learn how to use it!

    System specs include:
  • - Direct bag static-line or manual operation
  • - Average opening time of 1.5 seconds
  • - Maneuvering (limited) with L & R handles and simple rotation
  • - Available in custom sizes, according to user weight - from 90 to 340 pounds
  • - Made in the USA

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