Soft Claws for Cats

These Soft Claws for Cats will keep your cats from scratching up the house without the hassle of de-clawing the poor kitties! The caps are easy to use and will not cause interference in your cat's daily life. The caps last between 4 and 6 weeks and are non-toxic. Keep your cat happy and your furniture in tip-top shape. The kit includes 40 caps, 6 applicators, adhesive and simple instructions. They are perfect for cats weighing 9-13 lbs.

The first step is to slightly trim the tips of your feline’s nails. You could use the Electrical Pet Grooming Kit. Then 1/3 of the nail caps need to be filled with adhesive. The final thing to do is extend the nails by gently pushing down on the top with the index finger on the bottom of the paw.

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