Snackmaster Pro Food Dryer

Provide yourself the pleasure of eating healthy dried foods more often! The Nesco Snackmaster Pro Food Dryer has been designed to help you dry fruits, vegetables, fillets and jerky at home, in just a couple of hours! The smart kitchen appliance is designed with a Converga-Flow drying system that pushes air down the exterior pressurized compartment, then horizontally across every single tray, concentrating in the center for even, accelerated and nutritious drying.

You don’t even have to rotate the trays, the machine can do it all. There are 5 trays included, but you can add 7 more (sold separately) to dry larger quantities of food. If you worry about liquids falling into the heater chamber – don’t, because the Pro Food Dryer is supplied with a top-mounted fan that eliminates such a possibility. Another valuable advantage of the product is its Vita-Save exterior which inhibits harmful lights from penetrating, thus the food’s important nutrients will be saved. The thermostat in the heater compartment can be adjusted from 95-160 degrees F, so you can choose precisely the optimum temperature needed for every type of food.

Snackmaster Pro Food Dryer

Accessories included:

  • - 2 Clean-A-Screen flexible screens for drying smaller items like spices and herbs.
  • - 2 fruit roll sheets for drying half-liquids such as stews, soups, sauces and fruit rolls.
  • - 3 original jerky spice packets for making jerky.
  • - An instruction book with 52 pages of recipes.
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