Smartphone Charging Wallet

We've all had those days when we are away from home and our smartphone battery dies. So when you don’t bring specialized charging gear (or your regular phone charger that you couldn’t use anyway because there isn’t a plug around) what can you do? That misfortune will be history from now on with this Smartphone Charging Wallet!


The double-function design allows you to use the product not only as a great and durable wallet, but also as a smart device charger. A rechargeable 680 mAh battery is housed in a panel and provides additional battery life to your smartphone, enough for 2 hours of constant talk. The wallet is made from soft cowhide and can hold up to 9 cards. Of course there’s a full-length bill compartment with a press stud. The device recharges within 30 minutes. Available for iPhone or Android.

Smartphone Charging Wallet

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