Silic – The Self Cleaning Shirt

You always want to look good and feel comfortable at the same time, that’s why you put on your favorite t-shirt when you go out. But every once in a while you accidently spill a drink all over the shirt or you soil it with fast food that you bought a minute ago. You also have to deal with those embarrassing sweat stains, especially in the summer, which is kind of depressing when you’re on a date or in public.

You can avoid all this with Silic - The Self Cleaning Shirt! This incredible apparel is not only soft, breathable and very comfortable to wear, but it’s also designed with Hydrophobic Nanotechnology that guarantees stain preventing! The material can resist everything, from soda to catch-up and even red wine. The fabric is 4 way stretch polyester and won’t be touched by anything that is water-based, because the microstructures of the nanotechnology will repel it. Any liquid or other substance to touch Silic is just going to bounce off. The t-shirt has been developed to have a year and a half of life cycle, which equals to more than 80 washes.

To satisfy your curiosity about sweat, we’ll tell you that sweat is going to evaporate into the air, as it’s not even going to be absorbed by the breathable shirt!

The product is consumer-friendly and doesn’t hide any dangers to your health!

Silic - The Self Cleaning Shirt

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