Sea Salt Collection

This Sea Salt Collection includes 11 rare types of the world’s best salts that have a fine taste and can be added to an abundance of meal recipes! Each type of salt comes in a separate Pyrex test tube closed with cork stoppers. All the tubes are placed in a special handmade wooden base, so they can be near at hand whenever you need to put exquisite flavor to your dishes. Definitely an excellent gift for Mother’s Day or for a cook!

    Included salts are:
  • - Apple Wood Smoked
  • - Bali Pyramid
  • - Murray River Pink
  • - Cyprus White Flake
  • - Fleur De Sel France
  • - India Black kala Namak
  • - El Salvador Qab-nab Taab
  • - Pacific Blue KOSHER
  • - Bolivian Sunset
  • - Hawaiian Red Alaea
  • - Cyprus Rosemary Flakes

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