Peter Rottentail Costume

Nowadays it’s getting harder and harder to come up with original Halloween suit ideas, but if you still want to steal the show so to speak, we have the scariest Peter Rottentail Halloween costume possible, and trust us when we tell you, it’s going to be a real trump in your sleeve when the holiday comes!

Unlike most people that will probably be looking to impersonate traditional heroes and bad guys, you have the chance to play a ...

... failed magician who had died and came back as a phantasm in the same rabbit costume he used to wear when he tried to entertain kids at their birthday parties when he was alive. When he came back from the other side, he began hunting them and they started to disappear one by one!

This is truly some wonderful workmanship. You can notice that the costume is made in stunning detail and high quality, not to mention the head piece of the bunny looks very vicious and terrifying – huge droopy ears, disgusting razor sharp and snaggle-teeth, and fierce blood-red eyes. If you’re looking to scare someone and make a huge impression, this Peter Rottentail realistic Halloween costume won’t disappoint!

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