Samsung Chromebook

The Samsung Chromebook is a next-gen portable, powerful, and cooler computer to use both, at home and anywhere you go. Ultra fast, user-friendly, secure and convenient, it’s your perfect companion! Let’s start with one of its most amazing features. Most computers come out of the box ‘empty’, so you need quite some time to install software, patches, apps, etc. Not with the Samsung Chromebook!

This one needs almost no setup, and you can go from unboxing to using it in just minutes.

Another cool feature is that Chromebooks automatically update themselves, so your OS and apps are up-to-date at any time. Many apps in fact come pre-installed and allow you to manage your everyday activities, work, and have fun. And the best part is that the updates are free and secure!

Speaking about security, rest assured that this buddy provides an amazing level of in-built antivirus, anti-malware, and anti-anything-harmful type of security, to keep your content safe. Moreover, it comes with a 100GB of free Google Drive storage for two years, so you don’t need to clutter your hard drive with files, apps etc., and can access your content from anywhere.

Connectivity-wise, it’s essential to point out that the Samsung Chromebook is available in a WiFi and a 3G version, giving you the freedom of communication anytime anywhere. With your Chromebook, you can get online at 10,000 feet with free Gogo in-air internet passes. 12 free passes (estimated $150 value) that you can use over 2 years on domestic US flights are included in the package.

With Samsung Chromebook things go better and better!

Remember, we said it's cooler? This is not just because of its really cool ultra-slim design! The Samsung Chromebook not only packs a powerful dual core processor but, unlike other computers, it has no fan or moving parts, so it stays cooler and runs without that annoying humming sound.

The Chromebook has also a range of ports to enable greater flexibility at sharing data and multimedia, as well as to connect various peripherals. It sports a convenient full-size keyboard, a fancy multi-touch touchpad with a glass coating and image sensor, and of course, a crystal clear 11.6 inches display. Check out the video review below!

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