Romantimatic App For iPhone

One of the most common issues in long-lasting relationships between a man and a woman has always been the fact that men become so absorbed by their work and other activities that they completely forget to tell their wives from time to time they love them. And we know that girls need to feel cherished and when they start thinking the opposite, things can get a little strained and messy.


So if you’re a man who keeps forgetting to tell his wife or girlfriend something nice every now and then, and you keep feeling like a dick for that reason, you’ll be happy to learn about the Romantimatic app for iPhone! The application has been developed by the computer programmer Greg Knaus - a guy who had the same problem but decided to do something about it.

Romantimatic is very simple to use. Just download it and choose your sweetheart from your contact list. You’ll get a notification which vibrates the phone. It encourages you to go ahead and text your significant other. So if you slide a notification across the screen, it will drop you into the app with a list of predefined massages that you can send by tapping on them. You can also add it in your own messages allowing you to personalize what you’re sending, or you can send one from scratch or make a phone call.

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