Recon Jet Sport Sunglasses

The Recon Jet Sport Sunglasses is a revolutionary sport gear that’s exceeding sportsmen’s and everybody else’s expectations! In its essence, the Recon Jet is a heads-up display that inconspicuously presents appropriate information at a swift glance! The high-performance polarized sports eyewear has an installed full-color widescreen and also features a quite powerful microcomputer!


The Recon Jet Sport Sunglasses has big processing capabilities of a contemporary smartphone and is a flexible computing platform at the same time, so practically it is one of the world’s most advanced wearable computers. The product’s Pilot Edition features software catering to endurance athletes, such as runners, cyclists, triathletes and people who do similar activities. If you use the Pilot Edition, you’ll be able to see your performance characteristics, like: heart rate, ascend/descend, duration, distance, speed, power, pulsation and other. Users can also connect their smartphone to the Recon Jet and see SMS notifications and caller ID on the polarized display while in a move! Of course all data that is visible to you is also retained and can be exported in all usual formats.

Recon Jet Sport Sunglasses

    Here are the Recon Jet Sport Sunglasses’ specifications:
  • - 1 GHz Dual Core ARM Cortex-A9 Processor
  • - 1 GB DDR2 SDRAM and 8 GB flash
  • - Polarized Lenses
  • - High-quality performance optics for glare protection
  • - Wide 16:9 WQVGA Display
  • - Optimal readability of info in all lighting conditions
  • - Optical Touchpad that works perfectly in any weather conditions
  • - HD Camera with microphone and speaker
  • - 3D Gyroscope
  • - 3D Accelerometer
  • - 3D Magnetometer
  • - Thermometer
  • - Altimeter and Barometer app
  • - ANT(support for connectivity of up to 8 ANT+ peripherals)
  • - Bluetooth 4.0
  • - GPS
  • - Wi-Fi
  • - Changeable Battery
  • - Micro USB
  • - Weights only 60 gr

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