Rape-Safe Underwear

Rapists won’t stand a chance against the Rape-Safe Underwear! This one of a kind product has been developed with a single purpose – preventing rapes in potentially risky situations! The violent and abusive act of rape is horrible and unfortunately there are men who tend to do it, but enough is enough! The underwear clothing is designed to feel comfortable during normal activities while still be able to frustrate an assault.

The Rape-Safe Underwear is of great help even if the person wearing it was drunk, drugged or asleep. Therefore it has been made to offer resistance against cutting and pulling. The unique apparel has a reinforced skeleton structure that combines one of a kind components and features. The waist line, thighs and central areas are all reinforced, making them kind of a lock in place elements. Though it’s extremely hard for a stranger to cut or pull off, it is easy to put on and comfortable to wear. The user can adjust the thigh straps to a comfortable position before locking them in place. Once the thigh locks have been set, leg opening can’t be lifted or shifted to the sides. The waist strap is suchlike, but has a special lock(up to 132 different combinations randomly assigned) which can solely be opened using clock hand positions, which are easy for every user to remember. The creators of the Rape-Safe Underwear have also developed running shorts with the same construction and are close to finishing a version that represents travel shorts. Parents can finally relax. The Rape-Safe Underwear will keep young girls 100% safe at parties and sleepovers!

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